Sinha Power Care has been established in financial year 2019-2020 for providing the clean electrical power to the machinary for their proper trouble free operation and long life.
Sinha Power Care deals in various types of power conditioning equipments to overcome Customer or machine requirements like *Under Voltage Problem, *Over Voltage Probleme, *Voltage Fluctuations, *Hamonic Content, *Power factor Probleme, *Power Intruption, *Frequency Matching Probleme, Power Backup Solutions etc.
These above probleme are settel out with the help of well trained engineering team and best suitable equipment installation. We have various range of Power Coditioning equipments ie. Online UPS, Offline UPS, Inverters, Battery( SMF Battery, Tubular Battery, Lead Acid Battery, VRLA Battery, Forklift Battery, Genset Battery etc.) Servo Voltage Stabilizers( Air Cooled Stabilizers, Oil Cooled Stabilizers), Isolation Transformer ( Ultra isolation, K-rated Isolation, Step up Transformer, Step Down Treanfoermer ,Auto Transformer etc.) Harmonic Filters, Frequency Converters( its Rance 0HZ-4000HZ), Battery Chargers

Sinha Power Care services in Maharashtra along with Pan India Sales and Service Support.